The Wolf-Girl

(letter to Aurelie)


This novel will also be part of my scenario once I get everything together. Which will take some time.

I wrote it for Aurelie, the same whom I sent the goblin party letter to.

In this novel you understand the introduction of Deve, a character who comes back often and mysteriously along the scenario. Several parts of my scenario have been written in prose like this one, which brings her forward.

But this one describes her arrival. I am not sure yet if I'm going to put this part before her arrival, or after. In the same way, I have a text that describes the origin of Altar, who also plays an essential part of the scenario, but I also think that in order to preserve the mystery I'll leave it for the end.

I hope this very short piece will make you shiver in the end, the goal of this text being to create a sequence of breadthtaking and fast events in the end.


On Earth, in the daily reality of most people, she was Neve. She was an actress, without much success or talent. She pleased herself to know it, because it made her different from most other actors she knew. Those thought they were Hollywood starts, when they could not even differenciate a Rambo from a Kubrick. This gave her a little wider view and she felt more realistic, more objective, superior even, although it would really be the last thing she'd reveal.

Oh, she had done some occasional big movies, but she knew that even the main character part didn't require any particular skill. Anyways, she did not have any acting skill. She disliked her job, because she hadn't found the refuge she'd been looking for.

She had left her family when she moved out a couple kilometers from here, and called them once a year, for the holidays.

She was quite handsome, half-long hair, fair and black, with big black eyes and cheeks filled with freckles. This, she knew it, it was in fact the only reason she had found a boyfriend. They were together for two years and he was cheating on her for more than a year. She knew that, but really, she didn't care, she made him think she loved him because once in bed, he was really exceptionnal. The day she would find someone better, she would switch. But she did not really believe in that, it was long ago since she stopped expecting anything from this world. She did not feel at ease with it, she felt different. Not superior, no, just different, as if her place wasn't here on earth, but on some other world. That's why she played role games. She had found a shelter in them, the one she hoped to find in the movies.
What theater had not given her, role games had offered her. And when she played, she had her place, people respected her, she assumed the personnality she could not assume fully elsewhere.

She was an Elf ranger, carried out dangerous missions with teams she chose very carefully. She had a lot of relations and was well known as Deve, the wolf-girl. Following her everywhere was a white wolf, but not a snow wolf, no, an albinos with eyes as white as his fur. She found him when he was only a cub during a mission, and he soon became her best friend.

She often carried out missions for a man named Altar, whom she nor anyone had ever seen, but he was known and feared like a god. His missions were always the most interresting, complex and dangerous, but also the most profitable.

She had spoken to Jean, the role master.

- "Jean," had she asked, "this Altar, we always hear about him, he's giving us missions, he's paying us and all, but we've never seen him! It's becoming frustrating in the end. We'd like to see him a bit, is it possible to meet him or what?"
- "Well..." he started, confused, "in fact, I don't think so. You see, Altar is a character I've borrowed from a friend, and it's in fact him who gives me all the scenarios he appears in."
- "Ah Yeah? Ah. And this friend? He must be nice, are you going to intruduce him to us?"
- "Actually, it's been a long time since I haven't seen him, we keep contact by mail. He's somehwere in Africa I think..."
- "And why is he sending you his scenars?"
- "I ask him his scenars, and in return I send him the adventure report and your character sheets. He's writing fantasy books, I think, and he likes a lot the way we add details to his adventures. Furthermore, I love his scenars."
- "Yes, so do I...I find this strange though..." she had added before dissapearing in her thoughts.

Since then, she had played more adventures for Altar, but hadn't spoken about it again with Jean.

Until the day when the phone rang in the middle of the night. At her side her lover muttered but didn't wake up. "This lazy ass would not bother" she told herself. The ringing becomes annoying, alright, alright, she's coming.

- "Whoever you are..." she started angry, but Jean cut her off sharp.
- "Do you remember the guy who sends me the scenars with Altar?"
- "Yes, of course, but what does this...?"
- "Well, he just called me, he's in town and wishes to see you. I can't believe it! He's going back tonight, you can't miss him, he's amazing! He's waiting for you at the Jerome plazza."
- "But listen, I've..."
- "Go there!" he said before hanging up.

She stays there stunned, listening to the phone tone, then decides to dress up and go. After all, this plazza is only a few blocks from here and at least it's not unoriginal for a rendez-vous..

When she arrives there, there's noone, she had to cross the parc to get to this plazza in the middle, lit by only one light, the fountain is off for the night. "Energy economy" , she thinks when suddenly she hears a noise and turns over to face a specter!

No, it's just a man in a chasuble but he arrived so close to her without a noise, and in the dark...

- "Goodnight Deve. I am Altar" , he says.

He has such a sweet and powerful voice at the same time, a voice that inspires respect, trust even.

- "Goodnight...but...Altar? I thought the character imaginary?" she manages to say, confused.
- "Anyways, you'll learn it soon enough" he says, taking back his hood to reveal his face.

Deve cannot help but crying out from surprise. The man is so handsome, so...different... He has long fair black hair of which she cannot see the bottom, green eyes, no...Ah! An! His left eye is ... say artificial, but mostly red!

She feels a bit stupid facing this detail, but when she realizes his ears are way too sharp to be those of a human, she almost faints.

- "Do not fear" , he says so she does not faint.

This wakes her up completely. She has never seen a man... and elf so beautiful, he has no age but she supects he's already lived several human lives. She does not doubt a second he's an Elf, this sort of thing cannot be mistaken.

All her life she dreamed of that day when she'd have the proof the Elves have existed for real, and there it has finally come.

He sits on a bench while she's looking at him, speechless, and he motions her to sit down next to him.

- "I don't have a lot of time before me" , he tells her, "and I will not answer any of your questions, but I will talk to you and ask you a favor, are you ready to listen?"

She nods, she's too shocked to speak.

- "So, there is it." , he starts, " yes, Elves exist, and yes, Dwarves and Goblins too, and all of them live far from here on a planet you know well, to which you are prepared. But now, the actual times are the most terrible and I have come to ask for your help. I have to offer but danger and adventure, suffering and action. I am not going to lie to you, you are not of this world, you come from there. And I offer you to go back, I know you'll feel at home. But, the only mean, really the unique way to get there is... to meet death."

She takes her breadth, her heart beats like a drum, she drinks his speach and not even the death offered by this stranger worries her. This detail goes like a charm.

The wind starts blowing and makes the leaves sing. He takes a long saber from his chasuble and tells her :

- "I cannot promise you a clean death without suffering if you accept my offer, but I am almost sure you'll feel nothing. I will explain everything in the right time, I promise."

Afar, dogs bark, wind blows even more, which creates an extraordinary atmosphere to the scene. Dead leaves whip her face. She will not think about it twice. And without thinking, she cries out :

- "YES!"

Her cry resonates and dogs bring it on. He lifts his saber as she looks out to the sky. The wind throws her cry back at her and it's the last thing she hears. Silence befalls on her and she sees the world fall before her. She sees her body collapse in front of her, she just lost her head and felt nothing. So it is true you see for a moment.

She looks at him and reads his lips :

- "Forgive me." She passed away.

At the same moment, and Elf is born and throws her first cry, she is called Deve and is not of this Earth.

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