The Goblin Party.

(Letter to Aurelie)


This was a letter I sent to my friend Aurelie a while ago.

We went up my house's road and it ends up being a very bad small path that goes up the hill, and from there you can see the whole town and the see and it is a very nice and quiet place to go hang out at night to have a chat.
So I went there with Aurelie, we used to go there often when we were younger, and we brought Luigi, my dog.
In the middle, he stopped and started to bark at the bushes for no apparent reason, then it was over and we got up the path.
Once up there we sat down and talked for some time, and Luigi went to take a nap because he was tired of the climb.
Then after a few moments he started barking at a rock and started chasing something in the bushes, then he stopped and sat down looking puzzled.
We were a bit scared there could have been one of those savage pigs, because there are plenty there. So we went back down to my house.

This short novel could the the explanation of what happened this night.


- "Wait for me!" , shouted Aleth while clinging on to his mount.

He just avoided a bad fall. "Next time" , he told himself, "I will keep my distances, i don't feel like getting any more of these branches Tal throws in my face."
He was galloping after Tal for ten minutes, they were late for the party. He didn't like being late, and having to rush. He also disliked Tal throwing branches at him while riding.

It was night already and the air was getting cold very fast. From up on his rabbit, Aleth was getting numb and he was going so fast it was difficult to cling on to his hair. Suddenly, at the bend of the path, his rabbit stopped net, so much that Aleth flew forward and landed on Tal.

- "What's happening to you?! Are you crazy to..." , he managed to scream beforeTal covered his mouth.
- "Shh... listen..." , whispered Tal, pointing a nearby spot.

Indeed, now Aleth could hear voices, two voices. Human voices! And they were getting closer! Apparently there was a human path here and those two were climbing it. Suddenly a scream froze them scared, it was the terrible scream of a dog!

"Oh Queen, if he scents us we're lost, he will eat us!" , thought Aleth. The dog was still barking and the humans tried to shut him up but he was still getting dangerously close to Aleth and Tal. Then the dog was at claw's distance and was looking at them baring his long sharp fangs. He was terrifying, four times the size of Aleth at least!

- "Run!" , screamed Tal while grabbing Aleth to throw him on his mount, and in two seconds they were fleeing through the bushes without looking back.

In their crazy race for the party, Tal came down to Aleth's level and shouted:

- "We must warn the others, this path leads to the party!"."

Aleth understood the implications of this. If the humans brought their dog to the party, he would devour everybody with his sharp fangs. Because every goblin knew well enough that it was what dogs did best during their free time.

It was very rare, luckily, that humans went up this path and it was for the best. That was why the party took place there, after all.

The rabbits hopped at a crazy pace and the wind had frozen Aleth now. Then, after a few minutes they saw the party's lights. Apparently the party was going well, he could hear songs and dances now.

Once there, the rabbit stopped net and, once again, Aleth flew forward cursing the damn rabbit.
After a few clumbsy rolls he was in the middle of a dance. A charming golden-haired faerie helped him stand up and took him into the dance. There were fairies and goblins telling jokes in a corner, others hopping over eachother, others playing music and some were running after one another. Light came from fireflies that were swirling around the party, and it looked like a circle of light around them.
Aleth tried to explain what he had seen but nobody listened to him so much the party was high.

Suddenly the music stopped, it was Tal that stopped the musicians and everybody stopped their activities to listen to Tal.

- "Two humans are heading this way!" , he said to the gathering.
- "So what?" , asked a reckless goblin, rolling up his sleeves in sign of courage, "Since when do we fear humans?" . He came towards Tal, looking disruptive.
- "Well they have a dog!" , retorted Aleth, and immediatly the reckless goblin fled away screaming helpessly, "Goblins and Faeries first!!!" .

It was panic, everybody was fleeing, picking up stuff and chasing away the fireflies. In twenty seconds there was no sign of life anymore. They were all hidden around in high herbs and prayed for the dog not to find them. "Let's hope they don't stay here" , said Aleth to himself, "and that we can continue the party afterwards..." .

After a few moments the two humans arrived and settled there. Apparently the dog was tired, for the best because he would not sniff anything abnormal that way.

They seemed nice, these humans, a boy and a girl, talking to eachother. They talked about when they were young and went there to discuss all night long. Everybody was listening to them and they had became the evening's attraction. It was very rare to meet humans so high on the hill.
But after a moment, the rumour of a little faerie missing came to Aleth's ears. Everybody was looking for her.

- "She is here!" , whispered Tal seeing at a bit of wing ten centimeters behind the boy, behind a stone where she had fled.

Without telling word to anyone, he rushed in open field to the stone, grabbed the little fairie and, after a crazy race with the dog now awake, he threw himself behind some herbs to find a fleeing plan.

The dog had seen him well enough and was barking like mad when running towards him. Aleth threw himself in a hole and the dog passed over him without seeing him. Then he stopped, barked a few times, then sat on the hole and looked around puzzled. He did not quite understand where they could possibly have dissapeared. He sniffed the air without result.

- "At least we are safe here." , told Aleth the little fairie.

After a few minutes, the dog stood up to follow the humans that were going and the sky reappeared above Aleth.

Quickly Tal appeared as well and helped Aleth get out of the hole while the little faerie ran into her mother's arms.
Her mother, one of the most beautiful faeries Aleth ever got to see, came down to him and kissed him gratefully, and he felt he reddened so beautiful she was.

Even though everybody laughed at Aleth's new red color, it was a great day for him, he was treated as a hero.
The party finally resumed with our two heroes as honnor guests and, next time, everybody will try to pay attention when humans come walking so high.

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